Our dentists, Dr. Corey Black and associates, and team want you to be successful in keeping your mouth and smile clean and healthy. We have recommended some products below to make your at-home routine effective and efficient. To learn more about creating a great at-home dental routine or to set up an appointment in New York City, New York, call SmileSpace™ at 347-391-4279!


toothbrush waterpik dental picks tongue scrapers mouthwash dental floss toothpaste


toothpaste mouthwash whitening strip


toothpaste mouthwash

Gums, Gum Disease and Gingivitis

toothpaste mouthwash

Clear Aligners

whitening pen retainer cleaner retainer cleaner ultrasonic cleaner aligner removal tool aligner chewies


ultrasonic cleaner super-poli adhesive Denture Cleanser

Natural Products

tongue scaper toothpaste mouthwash dental floss toothbrush


toothbrush mouthwash toothpaste toothbrush floss picks toothbrush


night mouth guard soothing paste filling/cap repair kit sports mouth guard